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Please note that all insignias, emblems, etc.. are engraved.  We can leave it blank for you to add the actual insignia.  Charts are only added if customer mails the chart to us (an additional $10 is charged for adding charts).

We proudly offer you the following options on on your Military Oar Plaque:

a. Line Colors – OD Green, Black, Navy Blue, Navy Yellow, Red, Desert Tan and  White (Two colors can be used on paddles and oars, there is an additional charge of ten dollars)

b. Laser Engraving Into Wood Blade or Brass Plate – We can engrave logos and up to 85 characters.

The Nautical Realm makers of high quality, Oar Plaques.  We have 2 ˝’, 3', 4' and 5' Oar Plaques, as well as 6’ Oar Plaques.  Brass plates can easily be affixed to the oar blade for that special occasion. Laser engraved insignias and text are available. Many different styles of Oar Plaques are available for: 


United States Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

United States Navy

United States Marine Corps

United States Army


(Item # 12547) Two an one half foot Military Oar Plaques $60.00 (Engraving is included in the price).   Our 2 ˝’ Military Oar Plaques are a Naval tradition derived from U.S. Marine Corps Reconnaissance units. Ours paddles feature 25 feet of fancy nautical ropework, (coxcombing and turkshead knots) and are designed to hang in a vertical fashion. We offer our customers the choice of laser engraving on to the blade, or a brass plate can also be engraved and affixed to the paddle blade. The backs of our paddles are painted battleship gray so that friends can use a regular ink pen or marker to pen a jovial parting shot across your bow. Additionally, unit insignias, badges or medals can also be attached to the paddle or oar blades. Each paddle has hangers attached so it is ready to be displayed when you receive it. 


(Item # 12109) 6’ Military Oar Plaques $180.00 (Engraving and or artwork is included in the price).  

Our six-foot oars feature the same line colors and type engraving, however, artwork is also available too. Whether you require a lighthouse, maritime scape or boating scene, we’ll be glad to assist you with your design. We have created distinctive six foot oars for individual collectors and many professional offices and restaurants. We can use a combination of engraving and artwork. One very popular method is we affix a nautical chart from your area onto the oar blade and laser engrave the name of the business or office as well as the latitude and longitude of the concern onto the oar blade. Contact us and we’ll gladly assist you with your unique design.
Add a special touch to your oar plaque....... Have the entire "crew" give their fond farewells, and best wishes on the back of the oar plaque.

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